You Are a Product of Your Future

You are a product of your future.

Rather than your past.

Think about our mentality at work on the day before you go on holiday to Hawaii.

The phone can be ringing off the hook and your boss can be on your back but you haven’t got a care in the world because tomorrow you’ll be sipping Piña Coladas on the beach.

Now fast forwards 2 weeks and it’s your last day on holiday and you look amazing, have swam everyday, eaten well and slept 12 hours a day. But now your thinking about returning to that office. The 1000 emails to read and messages to answer.

You are a product of the future that you are about to step into. Not the past that you were just living.

Let’s throw that into the gym.

You need to create the future that you want to step into.

How do you look?

How do your clothes feel?

What do the scales show?

And more importantly how are your interactions with people?

It can be hard to consciously create that future.

Back to the holiday analogy again, on the last day as the dread begins to grow how do you switch it off?

Break things into chunks again. 3-5 key jobs to do as soon as you get back into work. Clear that list and set another 3-5. From there you keep breaking things down.

When in that training mindset what are those 3-5 key things that will shape your future. Do them consistently and with purpose.

Looking forwards to stepping into the reality you want to create will keep you in the gym, on track in the kitchen and moving away from your past.

Chris ‘Picture the Future’ Pinner