Love What You're Good At

Are you good at what you love or do you love what you are good at?

It’s an interesting thought that I’ve posed to a few clients in the gym this week, with varying answers.

I can see both sides but am still undecided. I’m good at working with spreadsheets and data for some of the background work here at Exclusive Gym but certainly don’t love it (don’t tell Phil).

I also love singing along to 80s power ballads in the car but I can assure you it is not a pretty sound. It couldn’t be classed as something I’m ‘good’ at.

So should we stick to just doing the things we’re good at without getting much joy from them or should we be walking around full of the joy of the things we do without maybe achieving any great success with them?

It’s got to be a bit of both I think you’ll agree.

This got me on to thinking about the gym and how we follow a programme there.

It often happens that if left to our own devices when in the gym we’ll do the things we love, and neglect the things we may not enjoy so much.

These are often the exercises that are the most important in your programme. They may not be the most flashy but they help keep you injury free or maybe get your heart rate out of it’s comfort zone.

The best way to avoid avoiding these is having a trainer there to set your workouts. Any personal trainer worth their salt will give you a little of what you love but also keep you accountable to what you need to keep working on and be good at.

You never know, you may begin to love it after a while.

Chris ‘do what you love’ Pinner